Choose the Book Cover!

For me, one of the most exciting parts of publishing is getting to see the book cover! But for my next story, I’m a little torn between several options, so I NEED YOUR HELP TO DECIDE!

This is for the next release, The Lady and the Mountain Call in the Mountain Dreams Series, and falls into the Christian Historical Romance genre. (P.S. The book is scheduled to release in April, but should be available for pre-order mid-January.)

Please leave a comment to tell me which most makes you want to read the book!

Or if you have better ideas, I’d love to hear them!

Option 1:


Option 2: 


Option 3: 


Option 4: 


Option 5:  Option 5


Option 6: Option 6

I can’t wait to hear your feedback!


42 thoughts on “Choose the Book Cover!

  1. Hi Misty,

    I like the cover on Book 4 best but I like the other model for what I think this story will be about. The model with the fancy hair is beautiful, but she looks more like she should be in a ‘city’ romance or a Southern story.

    I’m so excited about your new release. Congratulations!


  2. With an April release, it makes me think of springtime, but is that when the book is set? Either way, I’d go with Option 6 due to the timing of the release. As for the model on the cover, is your main character blonde or brunette? If she’s blonde, I’d stick with the model on the cover of 6. If she’s brunette, I’d change it to the model in Option 4. There’s my two cents. That’ll getcha a cup of joe with a couple of quarters somewhere!


  3. The covers are each great, but option 6 is the one I would choose. Thanks for letting us give our opinions. Just read the first book – The Lady and the Mountain Man. LOVED IT!


  4. Most people seem to like the more dramatic, fancy lady, Misty. But the other one strikes me as the WHEN CALLS THE HEART type, and that’s my style. But then, you must consider my age…lol Sometimes I get sick of the cover women always looking so Hollywoodish.
    I also agree w/the springtime comments. Fun to take part in this – thanks!


  5. Wow, Misty! These are all beautiful! And you never cease to amaze me the way you keep putting out new books!! I like options 1 & 4. I love the photo for option 6, but it seems a bit busy for a book cover. As for the lady, I’d say go for the one that best suits your character. It’s disappointing when a photo differs from the book description. Whichever you choose will be beautiful!


  6. I like the lady in option 1 but with the scenery of option 3 if the mountains are out west. The scenery of options 5 and 6 remind me of the Christy series and the Appalachains.


  7. I LOVE option 6! It shows the beauty of the mountains in a way that the previous book covers haven’t, and the picture of the lady isn’t as familiar to me as the other lady’s picture.


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