A Holiday Tradition

I have to admit, my personality has been strongly influenced by my upbringing. Take, for example, my love for traditions and history. Growing up, we lived on the “family farm,” next door to my grandparent’s traditional farmhouse. The home was built in approximately the 1860s, and has survived many generations of changes.


One of my favorite holiday traditions is the day after Thanksgiving, when we begin decorating the old farmhouse. My grandmother is incredibly artistic, and loves to spend days decorating each room—hand crafting wreaths and table ornaments, sewing tree skirts or molding elaborate paper machete angels. By the time the decorations are complete, the entire home is a masterpiece!

Here’s a few pictures of the home before Thanksgiving:

pic3 pic1

And, of course, my daughters were a busy part of the decoration process. Here you can see Logan (age seven) and Haven (age three) making her own creative decoration.


The outcome was just as beautiful as I expected, filled with so many elegant, nostalgic, and personal touches.




From our farm to yours, I pray you have a Merry Christmas surrounded by family, friends, and the traditions you love!



4 thoughts on “A Holiday Tradition

  1. I love that. Not having any family close by and no little ones to decorate for, I’ve lost the thrill of decorating the entire house. But I sure do appreciate it when someone else does. 🙂 I’m hoping next year, our youngest grandson (and his family) can come for Christmas. He’ll be 5, and if they do, I’ll pull out all the stops!!

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