Choose the Book Cover!

One of the most exciting parts of publishing, is getting to see the book cover! But I’m a little torn between several options, so I NEED YOUR HELP TO DECIDE!

This is for my upcoming release, The Lady and the Mountain Man, which falls into the Christian Historical Romance genre. The cover images below include both the front and back cover. Please let me know which most makes you want to read the book!

Or if you have better ideas, just leave them in a comment!










9 thoughts on “Choose the Book Cover!

  1. Sounds like an interesting book, Misty. I chose cover one because of the clean lines, the color, and the easier-to-read font. When I first saw option 2, I liked the colors, the cabin, the fence, and the trees, but the script font is too hard to read and the woman is floating in space with a sharp linear crop. Best wishes.


  2. Misty, Here’s why I voted the way I did, except, I think I did it wrong because the first cover doesn’t have an “Option 1” label. So the one I really liked best is Option 1, second best is Option 6. BUT, Option 1 the script is hard to read, and your name is way too small. Would be difficult to read in a thumbnail. And the woman looks cold to me, even if she’s not actually in the snow scene, I’d put a coat on her. Same with Option 6, put a coat on her. And in O6, what would sell your book more? Your title or your name? Make whichever the bigger font.

    The others just don’t work for me. The dark pines against the snow are too eye-grabbing and amorphous. O3 and O4 seem chaotic to me. And the woman really needs a coat standing out in the snow.

    The image of the cabin in the snow has a lovely ethereal quality. I’d pick up that book and read the back copy.

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  3. Script fonts are almost impossible to read, especially in thumbnail, which is what readers will be seeing as a first impression. That’s why I put Option 7 as my first choice, although the title needs to be vertically centered in the background box.

    Option 2 was my second choice, but the title needs to be not script and put at the top where all that empty sky is. If you do decide to go with this mostly white cover, add a border so the edges aren’t invisible against the white background on the retail sites.

    I don’t like the pink-toned ones at all.

    The one with the title and author name at an angle on what looks like aged sheets of paper is all wrong. Anything I have to twist my head to read is not going to work for me.


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