The Words are His

God’s been teaching me a critical lesson about my writing.


For a few years now, I’ve been amazed at the love God’s instilled in me for writing novels. It’s become my passion , where I can invest my energy and brainpower and every ounce of the creativity I never thought I had. Something I can work at, and be constantly learning. A place where I can strive for perfection.

But, lately God has made it abundantly clear to me that the writing is His. The words – whether they flow onto the page in harmonious magic, or whether I have to build each one from a desert of nothing.

The words are His.

What He chooses to do with them, whether they only plant a seed for one person, or whether they touch hundreds of lives. The difference these words make is His difference.

This may seem like a basic concept in the Christian life, but it is completely changing the way I approach not just writing, by every area of my life. My entire existence is to be a tool for God’s work. That took me a few weeks to wrap my mind around, but I approach things with a new perspective.

Everything I do should point to Him.

We sing a song at church with the words, “I breathe in grace, I breathe out praise.” And that’s the concept. God fills me up with his grace, so that I can pour out His praise in everything I do.

And as He chooses to bless this writing in some areas, and close the doors in other areas, it’s not my choice. These are His stories, and He has a master plan to use them in ways I may never know.


So now, I’d love to hear from you! How has God used you as His tool? How have you seen Him work in ways you would never have imagined? Here’s your chance to breathe out His praise!



5 thoughts on “The Words are His

  1. After an extended time off from writing (because I had three little ones under the age of 4 to care for), I finally eased back into my writing ministry in a small way. My pastor asked me to write the front-page articles for our church newsletter. I started in November, 2005. By March, 2006, I found myself with two sons in the hospital suffering from a very serious illness. The article for the April newsletter was written from the computers in the waiting room of the hospital. It was an Easter article, comparing the pain of watching my sons suffer to what God must have felt watching his own Son suffer on the cross. I emailed the article to church in time for the Sunday, April 2, service. Late that night (Monday morning at 4:30 a.m.), my 9-month-old son passed away. For the next year, God allowed me to put my grief down on paper for everyone to read. He used those monthly newsletter articles as a way for me to tell others what he was teaching me . God had placed me in that role, writing those articles, at just the right time. He had it all lined up. He knew what I was about to experience, and he knew that the members of my church would learn through me. I felt that the words and messages were not my own, but that they came from God and flowed through me. It was a sad, yet amazing time in my life. I have never felt more used by God than by writing those articles.

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    • Jessica, what an amazing story! I had chill bumps just reading it! My heart breaks for you, and I can only imagine what you went through, but I do understand the healing power of pouring your heart out on paper. Can you imagine how many people God touched through your articles? What a powerful testimony. What an amazing inspiration to the rest of us. Thank you for letting God use you!


      • Jessica – what an amazing story. How wonderful that you allowed God to use you in that way – not only for your own healing but for the healing of others as well!


  2. Misty, I really liked this post. My husband and I had been praying for over three years for the Lord to give me a passion and a purpose. We never saw the writing thing coming! When I look back I see that the seeds were planted in many ways but this is His time. Like you, I don’t know where it will lead or if anyone but myself will read them, but I know God is stirring something deep in me that is translating into all areas of my life as I am submitting my heart and my mind as well as my writing to Him. They are His words and they are His stories. May He receive the glory! Blessings, Kelly

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