Meet my heroine?

People are quirky! It’s a fact none of us can dispute.

Even my dearest friends in books have been known to do crazy things—like wear pantaloons before they came in vogue, or have a panic attack anytime they see a cat. It’s what makes life fun!

So I have a bit of homework in which I’d love your input. I’m just now meeting my hero and heroine for my third novel, and I’d love your help to discover their particular quirks!

Does HE go for a swim every morning before breakfast?

Or have an irrepressible desire for lemonade at every meal?

Or a talent for taming squirrels?


Does SHE hate the color pink?

Or have a special affinity for frogs?

Or a natural talent for playing the mouth harp?


Now it’s time to let your creativity run wild across the prairie. Brainstorm any and every quirky thing you can think of—good or bad!

Just CLICK THE PINK HEART and leave your idea in the comments. Or if it’s the kind of crazy quirk that should be kept under the bed, feel free to email me at misty(at)mistymbeller(dot)com.

I can’t wait to meet my hero and heroine!


4 thoughts on “Meet my heroine?

  1. Hi Misty,
    I like your blog. Quirky, a heroine who doesn’t like lace? Or a heroine who can rope a calf faster than the hero? What about a hero who makes better biscuits than the heroine? I’ve discovered that hungry men can learn how to cook.


  2. I love those quirks! Especially for 1860s Wyoming when there was almost never crossover between the gender roles.

    A man who can make light, fluffy biscuits? Now that’s unusual! But maybe not so much if he spent his early teen years supporting himself by working in a restaurant in an eastern city. Until the Pony Express started up, that is. Now he’s tough as leather, riding for 10 hours straight at a full gallop along the Sweetwater River basin. Hmmm… (folks, that’s the sound of a character being born)

    Thanks, Jackie! I’m so glad you stopped by!


  3. Fun quirks, Misty! What if your heroine spun wildflowers into her braids or hair everyday…and then the hero began to bring her flowers and leave them somewhere she would find them every morning, but not tell her who does it. He doesn’t want her to think she is a softy. Then one time when she is sick he brings them and weaves them into her hair himself. It is a gesture of love.

    Does he collect mint leaves to chew each morning. Doesn’t tell anyone because he doesn’t want to be called a sissy. When she is collecting flowers she notices. They end up talking sometimes.


    • Michelle, I love those ideas! Maybe it’s Indian Paintbrush she braids in her hair. But one summer a swarm of bugs comes and kills the flowers in the valley where they live, so the hero goes into the hills to get them for her. Wow. As we say in the South, he sounds like a Keeper. 🙂


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